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Only SoundBooth gets you the same musicians and engineers that work on platinum records you know to track, mix and master your audio project. With instant, real-time, guaranteed prices and estimated delivery dates based on your project's specs.

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Exclusive Features

Get What you Can't Anywhere Else

  1. Real Time, Customized Pricing.

    Instant pricing based on the services you pick, customized for your exact project.

  2. Complete Control of the Project You Order.

    Real Time Order Form lets you choose just services you want and gives you the prices based on the project specs you enter.

  3. Real Estimated Times to Project Start and 1st Proof.

    Find out when you'll expect a proof of your work based on the seller's workload and the work you're looking to order.

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Soundbooth Order Form on Mobile Device

A Seller's Order Form presents real-time pricing and estimated time to first proof based on the services you choose and the specs you enter for your project.

Buy with Confidence

Get It Done How You Want

  1. Payment Protection.

    Payment is released to your seller once you're pleased and approved the work you get

  2. Guaranteed Pricing.

    Find a seller for any service within minutes and know exactly what you'll pay.

  3. We're Here for You 24/7.

    Soundbooth is here for you to answer any questions or resolve any issues at any time.

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Soundbooth Manage Orders and Manage Project Pages

A Buyer's Manage Orders Page and a Project Page. The Manage Order page lets the buyer see all of their orders and see them in every stage of a project. The Project page shows the order's details, allows you to share and receive files from the seller, chat with the seller, review drafts and request improvements or accept and download the final hi-resolution copies.

Sell on Your Terms

Complete Control

  1. Guaranteed Payment.

    The buyer's payment is collected at the time of order. When the buyer accepts one of your proofs to receive the full-resolution version, it triggers the payment to become available for instant withdrawal to your account.Focus on your craft. Not chasing payments.

  2. Offer All Your Services.

    Your order form presents your services for ordering automatically. No more trying to make infinite packages. Buyers get what they want. You only have to set it up once. And it's easy.

  3. Get Paid what You Deserve.

    The order form automatically calculates the pricing for projects of any project in real time based on rates you set for each service. Your dashboard even asks you questions to help you figure out your exact rates.

  4. Work at Your Pace.

    Your order form calculates how long it will take you to get through the project based on a few questions you answer. It keeps track of other projects and self-manages your booked time.

  5. Project Management.

    Your dashboard automatically tracks projects that are waiting for the buyer to provide details or files or review a draft, waiting on you to provide a draft, and tracks them all the way through completion. You can just focus on what you love and the site takes care of the rest.

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Soundbooth Manage Earnings and Manage Service Pages

A User's Setup a Service Page and Earnings Page. The Setup a Service Page shows the 1 step setup for offering a service. The Earnings Page shows how your dashboard keeps tracks of earnings, from Pending Clearance through Available to Withdraw, and keeps track of total earned and total withdrawn.