June 1, 2020

  • How tos previously listed in News moved to knowledge bases.

May 30, 2020

  • User profile pages moved to highest level. All user profile pages moved within that level.
    User profiles are now at: /user-name.
    User profile pages are now at: /user-name/page.

May 28, 2020

  • Title of Links section on user profiles not displayed for users that don't have links.
  • Link order made draggable on user edit links page. Simply drag a link to another position and let go. The order links on your profile and link page are updated to the order you picked.
  • Added user links to user's profile page. First 3 links will display. If there are more links, a link labeled "all" will display and links to that user's link page.
  • Section title "Services" add to services section on user profile page.
  • User's links page and edit links page updated to display changes to links (add, edit, delete) immediately when changed.
  • User's can add icons to links and crop them.
  • Links section added to user profile. User's can view, edit and add links.
  • [Fix] update link to add blog entry on user’s empty edit blog page.

May 26, 2020

  • User's Reward Coins updated to display changes to Reward Coin total immediately when changed.
  • More info about Reward Coins menu item added to Reward Coins section of left sidebar.
  • [Fix] Star rating script prevented from bering removed from user proile pages.

May 24, 2020

  • SoundBooth's Terms of Service updated.
  • Non-registered visitors to a user's profile page are tracked as that user's referral. If a visitor visits your profile page and creates an account within a year, the new user becomes your referral. Similar to the affiliate link, the visitor only becomes your referral if they don't visit visit another user's profile page or follow another user's referral link before creating their account. This allows users to share their profile pages online (click the social share icons at the bottom of your user page) and earn 3% of the purchases of non-registered visitors who create accounts,minus the 25c fee to transfer the earning to your connected Stripe® account.
  • User's affiliate earnings updated to display new affiliate earnings immediately when earned.
  • SoundBooth's Terms of Service updated.
  • Affiliate system added. Affiliates earn 3% of their referral's purchases of services, revisions and SoundBooth memberships and renewals, minus the 25c fee to transfer the earning to your connected Stripe® account. There is no time limit set on how long you continue to earn from referral purchases. A non-registered visitor become your referral when they follow your affiliate link and create an account within a year. The visitor can't have clicked another user's affiliate link before creating the account though. All users can access their affiliate link, affiliate referrals and affiliate earnings from the menu items in the Affiliate section of the left bar. The anchor text for the affiliate link can be updated on the affiliate link page. More details can be found on the "More Info" page in the Affiliate section. Please note: the invite form on the left sidebar is not part of the affiliate program, so users that create an account in response to an invite you send do not become your referral.

May 19, 2020

  • [fix] Cancel notifying buyer of needed files and/or details on the 14th day after project ordered if buyer already added files and details for the seller.
  • Reward Coins added as a benefit of buying on home page.
  • SoundBooth's Terms of Service updated.
  • Donate Coins button added to Reward Coins page.
  • Users can now donate Reward Coins to other users. Menu item to donate Rewards Coins added to the left sidebar in the Reward Coins section.
  • Changlog menu item moved to the Knowledge Base section in the left sidebar menu.

May 18, 2020

  • Reward coins added.

May 17, 2020

  • User point system named Reward Coins.

May 16, 2020

  • User's point transaction page added. Points menu item added to profile menu in left sidebar.
  • User's Points added to user's left sidebar.
  • Point system added. 1 point equals 1 cent. Buyers earn 1 point for every dollar they spend on services and revisions. Buyers with a SoundBooth Membership earn 7 points for ever dollar they spend. That's 7% of the order price back in points! Points can be applied to reduce a subsequent order's price on the checkout page.
  • Icon for messages menu item in user menu updated.

May 15, 2020

  • SoundBooth's Terms of Service updated.

May 13, 2020

  • [Fix] Enable updates to menus on user profile pages to be displayed to all users.

May 11, 2020

  • [Fix] Prevent removal of script needed to display review stars on user profile pages.
  • Cart Popup icon updated to + sign to be consistent with service categories, user service pages and user profiles.
  • User services added on user profile next to bio on large displays and below bio on mobile. 3 services will automatically be displayed and an "all services" link will appear if the user has more than 3 services.
  • Review stars updated on user profile banner and user reviews page.
  • User profile banner and menu updated.
  • Unnecessary buttons removed from editor.

May 8, 2020

  • Editor added to blog entry add and edit forms. Editor lets users format their blog entries.
  • Blog entry layout updated.
  • Video added to home page banner.
  • Add to cart icon on user service page updated to plus sign for consistency with service category pages.
  • Service category pages restricted to authenticated users.
  • Theme colors edit page removed because theme colors deprecated in SoundBooth v3.0.
  • [Fix] Set page title for edit headline page in user profile to "Headline".

May 7, 2020

  • Home page updated.

May 2, 2020

  • Changes to user's services updated to display immediately in user's service page, service edit page and portfolio page, and the service category pages.
  • Label added to bio field in account setup wizard. Bio field now required in account setup wizard.

April 24, 2020

  • [Fix] Audio player button icon and tap target updated to persist after filtering on category pages.

April 20, 2020

  • Samples label added to sample section of service add edit form.
  • Message seller button added to seller cards on category pages. Now anyone can message a seller directly from a category page. Message sender redirected back to the originating category page once the message is sent.
  • Timestamp on project chats updated to show date on chat messages created more than 7 days ago.
  • [Fix] Timestamp of chat messages updated to display correct day chat message was created.
  • Chat on projects updated to scroll to bottom only when there's a new chat. Allows participants to review prior messages and still displays new chat when added.

April 19, 2020

  • [New] DJ scratches added as a musician service.

April 18, 2020

  • User interface of add edit service form inputs updated for easier use.
  • Remove audio sample button in audio samples table on add edit service form simplified.
  • Audio samples table on add edit service form updated to scroll on narrower displays. Simply swipe to reach extra fields.
  • Drag handles added to rows in add edit service form. Use drag handles to rearrange order of tools, genres and audio samples.
  • Audio buttons for user samples on user portfolio pages updated to display always.
  • [Fix] Active audio player's indicator reverted to non-playing state when another audio player is activated on service category pages.
  • [Fix] Order Form popup button tap target size increased to full size of button.
  • Filters on service category pages made to scroll rather than stack. Simply swipe to see more items.
  • [New] New service category menu items and displays. New categories provide better navigation to sellers and display more information about the sellers. Buyers can audition service samples and buy services directly from the category pages. Services that extend beyond the width of the container can scroll so buyer can access all of the sellers services from the category page.

April 17, 2020

  • Samples required on services add/edit form. This is to allow buyers to audition your sample and display a functional play icon on new service category pages.
  • Headline field character limit set to 30 characters. This allows headlines to display properly on new service category pages.

April 11, 2020

  • Changelog newsletter sending automated. In your account > newsletter page, toggle "Changelog" to receive weekly notifications of changelog entries. Notifications are emailed starting at 3pm on Friday.

April 9, 2020

  • [New] Knowledgebase added. Knowledgebase articles are grouped into for sellers and for buyers. User content can be added to the knowledge. Send us a message on the contact page if you'd like us to consider one of your blog entries for the knowledgebase.
  • [New] Revisions added to service projects. Sellers can set for each of their services: the number of revisions, the price of revisions as a percentage of the service project, the minimum price for revisions. Project earnings are distributed automatically to sellers on delivering the number of included revisions if a revision isn't accepted already. Buyers can buy additional revisions on projects that have reached the number of included revisions with a "Buy a Revision" button. Buyer's can also buy revisions for projects in which a revision was already accepted but the buyer. Acceptance of a revision expires any remaining included revisions. Payment for revisions are assigned to sellers when they post the paid-for additional revision. The price for revisions is the price the seller had set for the revision at the time of the project was purchased. Seller's earning for a revision is determined by their subscription status at the time the revision is added to the project.
  • Rounding removed from earnings calculations.
  • Earnings page sorted to show most recent earnings on top.
  • [Fix] Updated period for monthly subscription in subscription cart form.

April 8, 2020

  • Logo in sidebar linked to home page. This allows a user to navigate to home page from any page on mobile.

April 7, 2020

  • [Fix] Minimum price displayed as project price on add to cart form on user's services page.

April 5, 2020

  • [Fix] Tooltips for total length and track count on service cart form removed after selection is made.

April 3, 2020

  • Help text added to cart form total length and track count fields.
  • Audio sharing added to messages. Allows users to send audio files to potential sellers in messages.
  • Automatic email notifications added to messages. Form field for disabling messages added to account username page.
  • Usernames on Recently Added and All Service pages linked to seller's profile. Allows browsers to more easily access seller profiles.
  • Add service button made to work globally for account setup wizard and user services edit pages.
  • New and updated basic pages are displayed immediately.
  • Project acceptance immediately reflected in seller's sales and earnings pages and buyer's purchases page.
  • Sellers reviews on project accept display immediately on user's profile and review pages.
  • Updates to service projects display immediately on service project, buyer's purchases page and seller's sales page.
  • News entry updates display immediately on news page and news entry.
  • Changelog entry updates display immediately in changelog.
  • User blog entry updates display immediately in user's blog.
  • User service updates display immediately in user's portfolio and service pages: recently added, all services and service providers.
  • User account updates displayed immediately on user's portfolio and all service pages: recently added, all services, service providers. This allows a user's updated information to be displayed immediately, and allows sellers to be removed or shown immediately when toggling vacation mode in their account's availability page.
  • [Fix] Users with vacation mode on filtered out of service pages.

April 1, 2020

  • Minimum project price added to service form. Allows sellers to set minimum price for services. Cart automatically sets price at minimum price for projects that would otherwise be less than the minimum price.

March 31, 2020

  • User profile banner loaded as page load as opposed to after page load. Provides more consistent feeling to user pages.
  • Throbber added to service page filter giving user feedback as filtering is processed. Extra space added to activated filter buttons removed.
  • Top border added to invite section clearly identifying it as separate section from the immediately preceding user section.
  • Account and sign In section moved to top of profile closer to the related user account information. Edit "cog" icon removed because account added to profile menu, allowing user's name to be longer and not ellipse for longer names.
  • All service menu items available at all times rather than contextually displayed when user selects services. Allows users to click to service display in one step rather than requiring multiple steps to view all services and service providers.
  • Profile and account menu always available in left menu. Account menu item added to profile menu. Account menu shows and hides on click giving user quick access to account pages without having account menu items always displayed.
  • Back button added to header on mobile display. Allows easier navigation for users using the site when added to mobile device home screen.
  • New logo added to left sidebar and favicon.

March 23, 2020

  • Changelog Entries newsletter category added. Receive email notifications of new changelog entries.