Properly sending the files to your engineer can go a-long way for the final mix.

For starters, you should send the engineer a rough mix or reference mix of the song(s). This way the engineer can keep the mix in the wheel house of your desired outcome.

If there are certain effects in your reference mix you really like, be sure to note them for the engineer and if possible send a snap- shot of the plug-in and settings you've used. The engineer will include this in the final mix for you with some serious precision.

Properly name all of the tracks in the session and remove any unwanted tracks. Disable any and all plug-ins before exporting the tracks individually out of the recorded session. By doing this, you give the engineer the flexibility to really finesse the final mix.

Export the tracks individually out of your recorded session into a folder you've made specifically for these files. Clearly label the folder and note where the folder is located. Once all the files are in this new folder (including reference mix and snap shots) compress the folder to a .zip file. Now you are ready to upload and send your files to the engineer.

Here are a 10 common mistakes to avoid which will make for better recordings:

1. Clipping
Digital clipping is awful and you can't fix it. Make sure your meters don't hit the red and you will have a much better sounding recording.

2. Recording At 16bit
We want all the headroom we can get. Use 24 bit audio with record meters peaking at around -12 to -10 db.

3. Recording Bad Instruments
If an instrument is faulty, out of tune or needs new strings or heads then replace them before you record.

4. Cheap Cables
Cables matter. If you hear some noise while recording chances are the cables are no good and this will end up in the recording. Check your cables and use quality cables.

5. Recording With Effects
It isn't necessary to record with effects into your DAW. By doing this you limit your sound to which ever effects are on those tracks when recording. After being mixed and gain staging those effects will be too much. If you do, use them subtly. Best bet, leave them off until after you've recorded. If you do, use them subtly.

6. Recording With The Wrong Microphone
There are 3 types of microphones Dynamic, Condenser & Ribbon. Selecting the correct mic can make the difference. Do a little research and read up on each microphone type.

7. Mic Position
Move the microphone around the room until you find the sweet spot. You will hear it and you will know when you've found it. Raise the mic stand, lower the mic stand or turn it. Experiment with the placement and you will notice improvement in your recordings.

8. Sound Treatment
Some sound treatment is better than none. Understanding the way audio waves travel and bounce off of things in the room will drastically improve your recordings.

9. I'll Fix it in the Mix
Don't be lazy with your recordings. If there is a problem with the take, do it again. Get it right before the mix, this will ensure that the mix brings out the best in the recordings.

10. Being Unaware of Rumble
Block out low-frequency noise it can completely destroy low-end definition, turning your recordings into mud. Use a high-pass filter and roll off the extreme low end.

The new SoundBooth Account Setup Wizard lets you update your entire profile in one place so you can start offering services right away.

You can set up your SoundBooth profile quickly and easily with the SoundBooth Account Setup Wizard. After you sign up for your SoundBooth account and click the email confirmation link, you'll be brought directly to the Account Setup Wizard in your SoundBooth account. If you don't complete the wizard, or have a pre-existing account, you can access the SoundBooth Account Setup Wizard by signing into your SoundBooth Account, and from your initial, select "Account Setup Wizard ★."

The Account Setup Wizard is ideal for setting up your SoundBooth account so you can hire sellers and so you can start selling services right away.

The order forms on each seller's page let you order any of the services they offer for a project with prices custom-tailored to your specific project.

You can configure your order easily on the seller's order form. After you go to a seller's page, you'll enter into your session's number of tracks and number of minutes. Then you'll choose the services you want to order. For some services, you'll enter in a quantity too.

To find a seller, click "Search Sellers."

The Sellers page is an ideal way to find sellers offering the services you want. Each seller's order form is ideal for getting exact, real-time guaranteed pricing for your project from that seller so you can order and get started right away.

It's been a little while. We've been putting in a lot of work into some major features so you can earn and sell more on SoundBooth™. The first one to annouce is the new Infinite Services™ feature we added to the platform.

Infinite Services™ lets you select from many more services right now. We currently have 35 you can offer and, due to the modular nature of Infinite Services, we can now add more services easily. Don't see one you want to offer? No problem! Request one by sending us a message through the contact form at https://www.soundbooth.com/contact. As long as it makes sense, we should be able to offer it right away.

Converting from the original product configurator to a fully modular design has a lot of advantages. We will be implementing some really exciting features now that services are completely modular. Some benefits are available right now. Offer many more services. Buyers can order multiple services for multiple projects in the same checkout. You can now price your services based on a project with which you are familiar. The new order form will calculate the price for all possible projects based on the project you defined.

We've also given you complete control of the tools and genres you want to show buyers. This gives you the flexibility to be specific about what you use per service as well as allows you to use these fields for services without being constrained to a pre-existing select list.

In this video we'll give you a tour of the new service order form, the new service edit page, how to add a new service, how to set your prices based on a project with which you're familiar, how to disclose your tools and genres, and how to hide a service from your services page.

We also briefly touch on the new SoundScriber™ plan which lets you keep 100% of your sales (minus credit card and fund transfer fees) and sell more services. We'll go into this in more detail in an upcoming video, but it's an extremely cost-effective way to leverage SoundBooth to earn and sell more and to use the project management, guaranteed payment, order tracking and earnings tracking features of SoundBooth™ for all of your projects.

We're very much looking forward to adding more and more services so please make sure to contact us with the ones you want us to add. And we can't wait to share with you some of the exciting things we'll be adding to the platform now that Infinite Services™ is in place.

SoundBooth is a platform meant to remove everything that takes you away form the work you love. It takes care of pricing projects, collecting payment, tracking progress, collecting requested improvements, offering revisions and protecting you from buyers who'd otherwise claim a different story than the one the project page shows.

SoundBooth is a marketplace platform that lets users buy and sell music services. It empowers sellers to sell their services without having to quote projects individually or worry about payment or accountability. It does that by providing a simple service setup page and uses the values the seller enters to calculate projects of all sizes. The platform collects payment when a buyer buys the service and automatically distributes the payment when the seller delivers the number of revisions it includes for the service. The system keeps track of every revision, and organizes the status of every project on the seller's Sales page. In a glance, you can see which projects are waiting for your attention and which projects are waiting on the buyer.

When you reach your revisions included with a project or the buyer accepts a revision you've added, your payments are automatically assigned to your earnings tab. The buyer is automatically shown a form where the buyer can order additional revisions. And the price for those revisions is automatic. It's based on the settings you had set up when the project was ordered.

Oh, and all interactions with the buyer is through the site. Simply go to your sales page, click into a project and chat with the buyer. You receive files and change requests there. You can chat with the buyer if the buyer is online. And if the buyer isn't online, the site will send the buyer an email of an unchecked chat automatically. Of course, you can send the buyer a message through your Messages page too and the site will email the buyer of a new unread message.

SoundBooth is meant to automate your business so you can earn more, worry less and do more of what you love and less of what you don't.

Infinite Services is an affordable subscription you can purchase that will allow you to offer all of your services and to keep all of your earnings after the credit card fee (2.9% + 30 cents) and fund transfer fee (25 cents).