It's been a little while. We've been putting in a lot of work into some major features so you can earn and sell more on SoundBooth™. The first one to annouce is the new Infinite Services™ feature we added to the platform.

Infinite Services™ lets you select from many more services right now. We currently have 35 you can offer and, due to the modular nature of Infinite Services, we can now add more services easily. Don't see one you want to offer? No problem! Request one by sending us a message through the contact form at https://www.soundbooth.com/contact. As long as it makes sense, we should be able to offer it right away.

Converting from the original product configurator to a fully modular design has a lot of advantages. We will be implementing some really exciting features now that services are completely modular. Some benefits are available right now. Offer many more services. Buyers can order multiple services for multiple projects in the same checkout. You can now price your services based on a project with which you are familiar. The new order form will calculate the price for all possible projects based on the project you defined.

We've also given you complete control of the tools and genres you want to show buyers. This gives you the flexibility to be specific about what you use per service as well as allows you to use these fields for services without being constrained to a pre-existing select list.

In this video we'll give you a tour of the new service order form, the new service edit page, how to add a new service, how to set your prices based on a project with which you're familiar, how to disclose your tools and genres, and how to hide a service from your services page.

We also briefly touch on the new SoundScriber™ plan which lets you keep 100% of your sales (minus credit card and fund transfer fees) and sell more services. We'll go into this in more detail in an upcoming video, but it's an extremely cost-effective way to leverage SoundBooth to earn and sell more and to use the project management, guaranteed payment, order tracking and earnings tracking features of SoundBooth™ for all of your projects.

We're very much looking forward to adding more and more services so please make sure to contact us with the ones you want us to add. And we can't wait to share with you some of the exciting things we'll be adding to the platform now that Infinite Services™ is in place.

Infinite Services is an affordable subscription you can purchase that will allow you to offer all of your services and to keep all of your earnings after the credit card fee (2.9% + 30 cents) and fund transfer fee (25 cents).