Selling Service

In the selling dashboard, click services. On the services page, click add a service and complete the service setup form.

Bonus: Use the real-time pricing widget on the form to check your pricing.

SoundBooth automates many of the tasks that take you away from earning more. It custom prices projects for you, collects payment, tracks revisions, offers in-app revisions, provides in-app chatting, keeps a record of everything that happens in a project and provides an overview of your projects so you can see at a glance which ones are ready for you and which are waiting on the buyer to provide something.

Every account can offer 1 service1. To offer more services, buy the infinite services subscription on your services page in your seller dashboard on the left sidebar.
You receive 97% of a sale's revenue when you sell to your referrals, and 94% of a sale's revenue when you sell to non-referrals. The buyer receives 1% of the sale revenue in Reward Coins to use toward future sales. SoundBooth receives 2% of each sale. Here's how sales revenue is distributed.
Sale revenue is the net amount after what the merchant charges for processing the buyer's payment and distributing payments.
In the profile section of the side bar, click settings and complete these pages: picture, headline, bio and location. In the selling dashboard on the side bar, click services and add at least one service. * If you don't appear on the services you added, turn off vacation mode in availability in your selling dashboard.