Features to Fund


Features to fund are opportunities to have tools created for the community and to earn from contributing to the community.

The ideas for features come from the community and are funded by the community.

For paid features, you receive 1/2% of the percentage you funded that feature from every sale of that feature.

You also earn Reward Coins for contributions. You can use Rewards Coins or donate them to other users on the site.


You contribute $500 to an example feature that costs $1000 to develop and will sell for $12/mo.

You funded half of the feature, so you'll receive 25% of each monthly payment, which is $3 per month per user.

You recoup your investment when 14 people subscribe to the feature for 1 year. Everything after that is profit.

You've created a tool that improves the community and you're rewarded when the community uses it.

What feature do you want?

Want a feature added? Tell us in Discord.

The Features to Fund