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Full Music Production Service

This feature is being requested by multiple users. It will allow users to to sell a full music production service.

This feature will be a paid feature. It will launch with a price of $9.99/mo. or $119.98/yr. $99/yr. (17% savings).

Users will be able to offer different types of full music production, like:

  • Full Production: The producer will produce a complete song from start to finish. The client can provide a demo to begin working from, or the producer can make something from scratch.
  • Demo Production: The producer will create a rough production to be used for demo purposes.
  • Co-Production: The producer will turn a half-produced song into a complete production.
  • Remixing: The producer will make an entirely new version of the song, in any genre the client desires, using the same vocals.
  • Vocal production: The producer will mix and tune your vocals.

For each type, users will be able to set: the price, average turn around time, number of included revisions, price for additional revisions, average turn around time for revisions.

The order form will let users pick the production service they need and will encourage buyers who are unsure of which type to order to contact the seller.


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