How to Provide your Audio Services Remotely to Clients and Keep All of Your Earnings during Covid-19 | SoundBooth

How to Provide your Audio Services Remotely to Clients and Keep All of Your Earnings during Covid-19

Covid-19 has resulted in "stay home" orders and businesses closing. But it doesn’t mean you in the audio field have to stop working. You can continue working with musicians and engineers online. You can use SoundBooth to provide all of your services remotely to your clients and keep all of your earnings.

How to offer all of your services and keep all of your earnings while using the platform

The SoundBooth Membership is an affordable subscription you can purchase that will allow you to offer all of your services and to keep all of your earnings except the credit card fee (2.9% + 30 cents) and fund transfer fee (25 cents). (Subscribers pay 0 sales fees. Free users pay 20%. Said the other way, members keep 100% of their earnings minus the credit card and fund transfer fees. Free users keep 80%). Sellers and studios can use the platform with the membership to keep the same amount they would if they were not using the platform and get all these features:

  • Payment collected upfront and guaranteed.
  • Earning automatically assigned to you upon the earlier of delivering the revisions you include for the service or a revision is accepted.
  • Automatic quoting and estimating of turnaround times for projects of any size based on a typical project and minimum project price you set.
  • Automatic offering of additional revisions, even after a project is accepted, at an automatically calculated priced based on the greater of the revision price and minimum revision price you set for a revision.
  • Ability to post blog entries and have articles included in the knowledge bases.
  • Your services and profiles automatically included in service pages and service providers pages. Audio samples attached to services are automatically included in those pages. Hover your profile picture on the service pages or press the play button next to your service to audition your sample. Buyers find you through these pages.
  • Have a profile that shows your bio, portfolio of samples, blog entries, reviews, services included.
  • Service projects automatically record everything providing full accountability so buyers can’t change their story. SoundBooth is available to provide support and evaluate any projects on your request.

You don’t have to subscribe, but it’s probably advantageous. If you want to subscribe, login at the Sign In page, and on the left menu, click "Services". If you haven’t subscribed yet, you’ll see "Earn and Sell More with a SoundBooth Membership. Click here for More." Click there, select the subscription you want (pay by month or pay by year) and check out.

Things you can do to encourage your clients to join you on SoundBooth

  • Show them the platform. You can send them an invitation with the "invite someone" form in the left sidebar of every page. If you have to help them create an account at the Sign up page.
  • Show them the home page. It has thumbnails showing many areas of the platform.
  • Explain how it works: They choose your service, configure it with how long the project is and how many tracks are in the session. They checkout. They go to their Purchases page. They click into their project. They upload the files and details there. They can chat with you there. They can review your revisions there. They can request improvements there. They can accept the project there and download the full quality files there. They can order revisions there. They do everything all in one place.
  • Explain that they get to review you after the project is complete and that can help you have more social proof doing it this way. And explain that reviews keep sellers honest and the projects are completely recorded and that the SoundBooth platform lets them report any problems directly from service projects.
  • If you’ve received support of any kind from SoundBooth, share your experience with them, e.g., they responded immediately, they added a new feature for me, etc.
  • Explain that it keeps everything organized.
  • Explain that it’s meant to protect them too. Their payment isn’t given to you until you deliver the included revisions or they accept the project.
  • Explain that even if you go through all of the included revisions, they can order another one at the price that’s shown to them upfront.
  • Let them know they can offer their services on the platform too.

Things you can do to get more business

For sellers, now is the time to share your knowledge with clients and prospective buyers and encourage them to work with you online. You can add articles to your blog for clients and prospective buyers. We've taken steps to make this even easier.

We‘ve just introduced a knowledge base for buyers, where your articles can be included. This gets important quality information that empowers users at home to continue developing their music so they can get them ready for you. It also allows you to be found by prospective buyers. If you have an article you’d like considered for inclusion in the knowledge base, please send us a message through the Contact page or send us a message.

Get your info up to date with the latest features:

  • Update your profiles. Make sure you have a complete profile, especially a profile picture. If you haven’t done so, you can use the account setup wizard.
  • Update your services. Make sure you update your rates and minimum prices for services and revisions. Make sure you post audio samples for your services. We’ve had buyers contact us directly to hear samples of some sellers and express frustration that they can’t hear sellers’ work samples.

You can do these by logging in at to your account at the Sign In page. If you need any help, please contact us at the Contact page. We will get back to you very quickly.

More new things

The knowledge base is not the only thing we’ve introduced recently. We’ve made more than 45 changes to the platform since we launched SoundBooth v3.0 on March 1. Here are some of the highlights:

  • New service pages for finding services and service providers
  • Ability to limit the number of revisions included with a service project and the ability for buyer to add revisions
  • Notifications of unread chat messages and new messages
  • Improved audio player in projects
  • Ability to send messages with audio files to other users
  • Improved user interface for earnings page, sales page, account and profile menus, service pages, service order form, projects and more.
  • Ability to set minimum prices, revision prices and minimum revision price for services.
  • Portfolio samples are now added directly to your services.
  • Dramatically improved page load times, drag and drop file upload performance and updated information display.
  • Numerous fixes including all links in newsletters working, vacation mode filtering and line breaks restored in user profile bios.
  • Many more. See all the changes on the Changelog.

We have many more changes to do. You can keep up to date with our changes by subscribing to the Changelog Newsletter by clicking the account menu item in the left bar, clicking Newsletters and selecting the Changelog Newsletter. The next newsletter goes out tomorrow.