Our Mission

To empower musicians, songwriters, recording artists, producers and engineers to make their music and careers more successful.

SoundBooth is the platform for buying, selling, delivering, auditioning and receiving remote audio services.

The Team


SoundBooth is not a big company driven by corporate greed. It’s 2 people driven by passion and a desire to see the community grow.

SoundBooth was created through tremendous vision and personal investment in the community by one mixing engineer, Joe Kotz.

SoundBooth is Joe and his developer, Chris. It’s one guy’s vision and his desire to contribute and improve a community that seems denied protection from giant companies, like distro companies that have gutted artist’s sales to the point the whole community is affected. One such company even sponsors a quote site to control the music industry further, in particular, artist’s access to sellers and seller’s earnings.

That’s not SoundBooth. SoundBooth wants the community to thrive. That’s why our mission is to empower musicians, songwriters, recording artists, producers and engineers to make their music and careers more successful.

Joe Kotz

Meet Joe

Joe Kotz

It all started with a passion

Joe began SoundBooth originally for his company, Engineered FX. He was looking for a way to showcase his mixing work. Gradually, he started seeing opportunities to improve his career, for example:

  • Joe wanted to save time quoting jobs, this ultimately became the seller’s custom project order form which calculates prices of projects of any size based on a little data from a typical project
  • Joe wanted to save time managing projects, this ultimately became the seller’s sales page, which keeps track of what stage the project is in
  • Joe wanted to showcase his work samples, this ultimately became the seller’s portfolio pages that showcase work product samples
  • Joe wanted to find other sellers to do other steps in his projects, this ultimately became the service category pages
  • Joe wanted to be able to order projects from many sellers, this ultimately became the “Infinite Services” feature, where sellers can offers services from an ever-increasingly long list of services for the audio field.

As others joined, others saw opportunities to improve the platform. For example,

  • A user wanted to be able to post their links, so they could keep everything in one place rather than send other users to another site. Bam! Everyone got a links page.
  • 2 users want to be able to add a music production service, so they could offer the service they primarily do. This will become the production service.


SoundBooth Now

Everything that every type of user needs to benefit from the platform is built. Everything works awesome. It hasn’t been easy to get it to where it is, but it is awesome we're here now.

  • Order form that prices projects of all sizes.
  • Service category pages that give access to all sellers offering that service.
  • Project management.
  • Earnings management.
  • Revisions.
  • On platform messaging with audio files.
  • Instant messaging on projects.
  • On platform audition, delivering, improvement requests and revisioning.
  • Ability to add infinite services.
  • Reviews.
  • Reward Coins.
  • Affiliate links.

The list goes on and on...

As features were built, new features were added to the list of features we want to add to the platform. As we started getting feature ideas from users on the site, we’ve been adding them to the list too.

The future

SoundBooth's Future

SoundBooth wants to address everything that’s a problem with the industry. We’ve been working for the most part non-stop to get where we are now, and we’re not stopping.

Those that have talked with us know we’re always grateful for feedback. We generally have our hands and feet on many different aspects of the platform, primarily feature development, so we don’t get to circle back to things sometimes as quickly as we’d like. But we do circle back.

We’ve learned somethings about our users on the platform along the way. Seller’s want clients and as much earning as they can get from a sale. Buyers want access to many sellers, which means making SoundBooth the best place for sellers.

And we've learned somethings about ourselves too. Above all, we want SoundBooth to be the community that connects buyers and sellers, a place that empowers sellers with features that save them time and sales that improve their careers, a place that empowers buyers with access and security and accountability for projects. A place that provides protection and convenience for everyone.

So we just adjusted the rates so seller’s get as much as they can: 94% of their sales (minus card fees), whether they’re a free user or a subscriber. 4% of the rest goes to encouraging more sales: 1% goes to the buyer in reward coins to encourage future sales, and 3% to the affiliate who refers the buyer who bought. SoundBooth receives 2% which goes toward keeping the platform secure and adding features.

Subscription price have been reduced to 4.99/mo. Subscription let you add more than 3 services and can be added anytime.

We don't really enjoy advertising. We built this for the community and for Joe, and it's up to us as a community to get the word out there.

We also want to help the community outside of the industry. We're working on a plan to give the 3% affiliate portion to a charity when there's no affiliate for the sale.

What we're doing

This is the beginning

We have 29 pages of things we want to do to the platform. We’ve gotten to this point entirely out of pocket. At this point we’re going to focus on making the platform work for us and use the small proceeds that comes from sales to make the platform better.

Right now we want to add a full production service and digital download products, but we’re going wait until the sales can cover development cost. In the meantime, we’re going to focus on using the platform for our personal music careers.

We’d like to thank the people that have given us feedback recently. As you know, we’re growing at an exponential pace, adding features as quickly as we can. As you can see above, we’ve taken your feedback and updated the way sales are distributed. The reality is, we have huge ambitions for the platform, but at the end of the day, it comes down to whether you guys use it.


What can you do?

Sign up, use the platform, get the word out. Use the affiliate link to start earning. Share your profile link, it works just like the affiliate link. Use the "share this page" links on your profile page to share your profile on social media.

Buy from the awesome sellers who are on the platform already. Encourage others to buy from you on the platform.

If you're a seller, make sure you have samples of your work attached to your services. Make sure your profile is complete. Put a buyer's project through the site. Encourage buyer's to hire you through the platform.

Keep giving us feedback. Let us know what you want the platform to do that can help you and others.

Stand together as a community and fight for everyone in the community to enjoy a livable wage like every other industry does.

Support platforms that support you. You can create an account here, complete the small wizard and share your profile on social media in minutes.