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Part II: We're Making It Easier to Sell on Engineered FX!

This is Part II about how we're making it easier to sell on Engineered FX.

Now you can:

  1. Manage your sales all in one place. Your new dashboard has a "My Sales" section in the Sellers Links. Visit there to see "All Sales", "Waiting on Buyer", "Waiting on You" and "Complete". This is your one-stop tab to see all of the work you've sold.
  2. Add samples more easily! We think this is a big one. We added a checkbox to the add sample form that lets you choose if you want a "before". Now you can add samples of your work without having to upload a “before” version. And we updated the sample player to display and play for when there’s only an “after.”
  3. Go on vacation. Control your visibility with "Vacation Mode". Your new dashboard has a "My Availability" tab in the Sellers Links section. Simply toggle on "Vacation Mode", this will hide your profile and content from being included on the Sellers page, Samples page and Blog page.
  4. Customize your profile theme. Your dashboard has a new “My theme” section. Set your colors there and your content throughout the site will follow your theme.

We have some updates on how we've made it easier to buy on Engineered FX that we'll share in an upcoming post. The updates above and more are live in your new dashboard so you can use them now.

What's next?

  1. Dashboard. Continued improvements to the new dashboard.
  2. Private Messaging. A new messaging system that will allow prospective buyers to contact sellers about projects before ordering.
  3. One More Thing... We're planning something as a way to say thank you to the platform's buyers and sellers. We don't want to share too much at this stage, but expect we'll have it ready to share by December. Stay tuned!

Have an idea?

We’re constantly coming up with new ways to make Engineered FX easier and better for buyers and sellers. We're always interested in adding new features that'll make the platform more useful, so let us know how it could serve you better at We can’t guarantee we’ll add every feature we receive, but we’ll definitely review and consider each one.

'Til next time,
The Soun(dB)ooth™ team