Selling on Soundbooth | SoundBooth

Step 1. Complete Your profile

The first step to start selling on Soundbooth is to fill in your profile. Your profile is how you present yourself to the community. You can fill these in through the marketing menu item in the top bar of your account, hovering "My Profile" and clicking on the one you want to fill in:

  1. Your Profile Picture.
  2. Your Location.
  3. Your Bio.
  4. Your Theme Colors.

Step 2. Offer Services

Your services are the services that you sell on Soundbooth. Once you offer a service, the service will be available to order through the order form on your page. You can offer a service through the service menu item in the top bar of your account, hovering "Services", hovering a category and then clicking the service you want to offer and filling out the simple form. Your order form will automatically calculate the rate of projects of any size from the simple questions on the service that you fill out.

Musician Services

  1. Drums
  2. Bass Guitar
  3. Rhythm Guitar
  4. Lead Guitar
  5. Keyboard
  6. Piano
  7. Vocals

Engineering Services

  1. Pitch Correction
  2. Time Correction
  3. 2 Track Mixing
  4. Radio Mixing
  5. Stem Mixing
  6. Mastering

Step 3. Invite Buyers

You can invite users to join Soundbooth. The site will send the invitation to the invitee, keep track of the invitation for you and let you know when the invitee signs up. You can invite a buyer to join Soundbooth at the top bar of your account page by hovering "Marketing", then My Invitations then clicking "Invite by Email. Your account will keep track of:

  1. Accepted Invitations
  2. Expired Invitations
  3. Pending Invitations

Step 4. Market Yourself

You can add audio samples of your work, including A/B samples that buyers can toggle back and forth on your profile page and the "Seller Samples" page. You can add blog entries that buyers can read on your profile page, your Blog page and the Seller Articles page. You can add:

  1. Audio Samples. In the main menu, hover Marketing, then Portfolio, then click "Add Sample." You can rearrange the order of samples by clicking "Edit Portfolio" instead. The first Portfolio sample is the one that is shown on your profile.
  2. Blog Entries. In the main menu, hover Marketing, then Blog, then click "Add Blog Entry." You can edit your blog by clicking "Edit Blog Entries."

Step 5. Fulfill Your Sales

When a buyer orders from you, you receive an email with the details of the sale. You can find all of your Sales in the main menu by clicking sales. Sales are organized into categorizes so it's easy to find want you need really fast:

  1. Active. These are sales that are not complete. They'll be found in another category, but they're grouped together here so you can see how many sales are not completed.
  2. Awaiting Buyer Details. These are sales where the buyer has to put a description of the order or the files for the order in for you.
  3. Awaiting My Draft. These are projects that are waiting for you to do something. As with all of the categories, simply click on the project name to view it and deliver your work.
  4. Awaiting Buyer's Review. These are sales where you've delivered your work and are waiting for the buyer to approve it or request changes.
  5. Completed. These are projects that are delivered and approved.
  6. All. These are all of your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers

You can choose to offer all or some of the following services: drums, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocal, keyboard, piano, mixing, mastering, time correction, pitch correction, stem mix & radio mix. If you have any others you'd like to offer, let us know through the contact form.

You set your rates. Work as much or as little as you want. The amount you make is completely up to you.

It's free to join Soundbooth. There are transaction fees to offer your services. You keep 80% of each transaction.

It's very flexible. You need to put in some time and effort in the beginning to setup your profile and learn the marketplace. You decide the pace you want to work through projects by setting the capacity per week for each service. You can change that pace any time for future projects.

With services, you set your pricing on the services form. Here's how it works:

  • Mixing

    Your rate is your price for 1 minute of 1 track of a song.
  • Time Correction

    Your rate is your price for 1 minute of a song.
  • Radio Mix

    Your rate is your price for cleaning 1 minute of a vocal track.
  • Pitch Correction

    Your rate is your price for pitch correcting 1 minute of a vocal track.
  • Stem Mix

    Your rate is your price for exporting stems for 1 minute of a song
  • Mastering

    Your rate is your price for mastering 1 minute of a song. You can have different rates for mastering stems or stereo files.

Once you complete a buyer's order, the money is transferred to your connected StripeĀ® account. No need to spend energy on chasing down payments or waiting for a check.