Selling on Soundbooth | SoundBooth

How to sell a service on SoundBooth

Selling a service on SoundBooth is easy.

  1. If you haven't already, create an account.. If you already have an account, click "Account Setup Wizard" in your account menu.
  2. In the account setup wizard, choose "Sell services". At step 3 of the wizard, click "Add service."
  3. Complete the "Service Setup Form." Use the demo real-time pricing form to check your pricing.

That's it! Your service now appears on your profile page, your services page and the community category pages.

How to manage a project on SoundBooth.

When someone orders a service from you, SoundBooth creates a service project. Managing the project is easy.

  1. Use the "My sales" link in your account to see the services you sold.
  2. On any project that's waiting on you, click into it and do what it says is waiting on you.
  3. SoundBooth will automatically message the buyer when you've done your steps.
  4. When the buyer does their steps, SoundBooth will automatically message you so you can review it.
  5. You can add a draft and add a revision. The buyer can buy additional revisions if they've used all the included ones.
  6. Use the instant message feature on your project page to communicate directly with the buyer.
  7. Use the messaging feature to communicate with anyone on SoundBooth.
  8. Ask SoundBooth Team for help if you need help. Send SoundBooth Team a message

Also, you can edit and add more services with the account setup wizard in the left sidebar at any time, or go directly to your services page and click "edit" or "add."

Finally, you can use the "vacation" mode in your account menu to take yourself out of category pages.

Thanks for reading, and happy selling!

~SoundBooth Team