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Studio Profiles and Studio Hour Booking

This is a combination of features requested by multiple users. The studio will be able to setup a studio profile and sell studio hours. Here are more details:

This feature will be a paid feature. It will launch with a price of about $11.99/mo.

Studio profile

This part allows users to setup a studio profile. As the studio owner, you'll be able to add the studio's:

  • Images
  • Mission statement
  • credits
  • placements
  • clients, including links to their external samples and discography pages (SoundCloud, Discogs, etc).
  • ability to declare what services provided for each client sample
  • the studio's sellers (engineers, musicians, etc.)
  • assign managers to manage the studio profile.
  • receive messages sent to the studio from the profile
  • manage their sales
  • withdraw their earnings

The studio will be able to assign the portion of sales it earns from each studio seller's profile.

Studio profiles will be displayed in a separate catalog that can be found in the left bar.

Sell studio hours

This will allow users to setup and sell studio hours. As the studio owner, you'll be able to:

  • sell studio hours
  • set discounts for number of of hours purchased in the same checkout
  • Set a deadline and availability message

A studio manager reported that he receives a majority of the studio time booking calls from 5pm - 11pm every day. The deadline and availability message feature will allow the studio owner to put a link on their website to their booking page. The link could say "Studio availability and booking." Now, when people find his site in search engine's, they may use that link to book time. The manager can also direct calls to use the link.

The deadline and availability message would allow the studio manager to set a message on the order form at any time about the availability. Buyers will see that message and can know about availability and whether the studio can meet a deadline without needing to contact the studio owner.

In time, this could give the manager his nights back.

Studios don't have to sell hours. Studio's can also sell configured services.


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