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We're Making It Easier to Sell on Engineered FX!

We're excited to announce your new dashboard! Get there from your name in the header when you're logged in.

Now you can:

  1. Start Selling Quicker. Start selling right away even before connecting to Stripe®. Your new dashboard allows you to setup your services and rates and appear immediately on the Sellers page. Setup Stripe® when you're ready to withdraw funds.
  2. Offer Musician Services! You can now offer drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, synth and vocals! Choose rates and genres for each one. Setup your musician services in the “My Musician Services” Seller Link.
  3. Easier Rate Setup for Musician Services. Setup your rates by simply enabling a service in the "My Musician Services" Seller Link in your new dashboard and answer the 2 questions. The platform will calculate your rates based on your answers and use those rates to price projects of any length and size in real time on your order form. At Engineered FX, we're dedicated to making your life easier - no more quoting prices or having to offer fixed pricing. Take it a step further and select genres for each service you offer. You’ll automatically be included when someone filters for your service and genre on the Sellers page.
  4. Easier Rate Setup for Engineering Services too! We’ve updated engineering services with the same 2 question rate setup and moved it to your “My Engineering Services” tab in your dashboard. Offer pitch correction, time correction, mixing to 2 tracks, cleaning vocal tracks, exporting stems and mastering by stem and/or stereo.
  5. Keep Track of Your Earnings. Keep track of your total earnings, withdrawn funds, funds being cleared and funds you can withdraw. Your new dashboard has a "My earnings" Seller Link. Click through each tab there to see the status of your earnings.
  6. Withdraw Funds When You Want. In the new "My Earnings" Seller Link of your dashboard, visit the "Available to Withdraw" tab. Next to the funds you want to withdraw, click "withdraw." The funds are sent immediately to your connected Stripe® account. This new banking system allows you to start selling before connecting with Stripe® and gives you complete control over your earnings. It’s still a good idea to setup Stripe®, so if you haven't done that yet, visit the “Payment Method” Seller Link in your dashboard.

We have more to share about how we've made it easier to sell on Engineered FX but we'll save that for an upcoming post. The updates above and more are live in your new dashboard so you can use them now.

What's next?

  1. Dashboard. Continued improvements to the new dashboard.
  2. Private Messaging. A new messaging system that will allow prospective buyers to contact sellers about projects before ordering.
  3. One More Thing... We're planning something as a way to say thank you to the platform's buyers and sellers. We don't want to share too much at this stage, but expect we'll have it ready to share by December. Stay tuned!

Have an idea?

We’re constantly coming up with new ways to make Engineered FX easier and better for buyers and sellers. We're always interested in adding new features that'll make the platform more useful, so let us know how it could serve you better at hello@engineeredfx.com. We can’t guarantee we’ll add every feature we receive, but we’ll definitely review and consider each one.

'Til next time,
The Soun(dB)ooth™ team