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Why SoundBooth for Sellers?

SoundBooth is a platform meant to remove everything that takes you away form the work you love. It takes care of pricing projects, collecting payment, tracking progress, collecting requested improvements, offering revisions and protecting you from buyers who'd otherwise claim a different story than the one the project page shows.

SoundBooth is a marketplace platform that lets users buy and sell music services. It empowers sellers to sell their services without having to quote projects individually or worry about payment or accountability. It does that by providing a simple service setup page and uses the values the seller enters to calculate projects of all sizes. The platform collects payment when a buyer buys the service and automatically distributes the payment when the seller delivers the number of revisions it includes for the service. The system keeps track of every revision, and organizes the status of every project on the seller's Sales page. In a glance, you can see which projects are waiting for your attention and which projects are waiting on the buyer.

When you reach your revisions included with a project or the buyer accepts a revision you've added, your payments are automatically assigned to your earnings tab. The buyer is automatically shown a form where the buyer can order additional revisions. And the price for those revisions is automatic. It's based on the settings you had set up when the project was ordered.

Oh, and all interactions with the buyer is through the site. Simply go to your sales page, click into a project and chat with the buyer. You receive files and change requests there. You can chat with the buyer if the buyer is online. And if the buyer isn't online, the site will send the buyer an email of an unchecked chat automatically. Of course, you can send the buyer a message through your Messages page too and the site will email the buyer of a new unread message.

SoundBooth is meant to automate your business so you can earn more, worry less and do more of what you love and less of what you don't.

SoundBooth, to us, represents what we believe the platform provides - a place to go to sound excellent.

Now you can join the community and do that for others.