Avoid these common mistakes and you'll make better recordings:

  1. Clipping. Digital clipping is awful and you can't fix it.  Make sure your meters don't hit the red and you will have a much better sounding recording.

  2. Recording At 16bit. We want all the headroom we can get. Use 24 bit audio with record meters peaking at around -12 to -10 db.

  3. Recording Bad Instruments. If an instrument is faulty, out of tune or needs new strings or heads then replace them before you record.

  4. Cheap Cables. Cables matter.  If you hear some noise while recording chances are the cables are no good and this will end up in the recording.  Check your cables and use quality cables.

  5. Recording With Effects. It isn't necessary to record with effects into your DAW.  By doing this you limit your sound to which ever effects are on those tracks when recording.  After being mixed and gain staging those effects will be too much.  If you do, use them subtly. Best bet, leave them off until after you've recorded. If you do, use them subtly.

  6. Recording With The Wrong Microphone. There are 3 types of microphones Dynamic, Condenser & Ribbon. Selecting the correct mic can make the difference. Do a little research and read up on each microphone type.

  7. Mic Position. Move the microphone around the room until you find the sweet spot.  You will hear it and you will know when you've found it.  Raise the mic stand, lower the mic stand or turn it.  Experiment with the placement and you will notice improvement in your recordings.

  8. Sound Treatment. Some sound treatment is better than none.  Understanding the way audio waves travel and bounce off of things in the room will drastically improve your recordings.

  9. I'll Fix it in the Mix. Don't be lazy with your recordings.  If there is a problem with the take, do it again.  Get it right before the mix, this will ensure that the mix brings out the best in the recordings.

  10. Being Unaware of Rumble. Block out low-frequency noise it can completely destroy low-end definition, turning your recordings into mud.  Use a high-pass filter and roll off the extreme low end.


At the top right of the page, click Sign Up.

On the Sign Up page:

  1. enter a username, your email and a password,
  2. Check the I agree checkbox ,and
  3. click Create new account.


You can setup your profile by following the menu links in the profile section of the left sidebar.

You can add links, blog entries and reviews from the profile section too.

You can setup services and portfolio entries with the services link in the selling dashboard on the left sidebar.

Selling Service

You receive 97% of a sale's revenue when you sell to your referrals, and 94% of a sale's revenue when you sell to non-referrals. The buyer receives 1% of the sale revenue in Reward Coins to use toward future sales. SoundBooth receives 2% of each sale. Here's how sales revenue is distributed.
Sale revenue is the net amount after what the merchant charges for processing the buyer's payment and distributing payments.
In the profile section of the side bar, click settings and complete these pages: picture, headline, bio and location. In the selling dashboard on the side bar, click services and add at least one service. * If you don't appear on the services you added, turn off vacation mode in availability in your selling dashboard.

In the selling dashboard, click services. On the services page, click add a service and complete the service setup form.

Bonus: Use the real-time pricing widget on the form to check your pricing.

SoundBooth automates many of the tasks that take you away from earning more. It custom prices projects for you, collects payment, tracks revisions, offers in-app revisions, provides in-app chatting, keeps a record of everything that happens in a project and provides an overview of your projects so you can see at a glance which ones are ready for you and which are waiting on the buyer to provide something.

Every account can offer 1 service1. To offer more services, buy the infinite services subscription on your services page in your seller dashboard on the left sidebar.

Payout Method

You can enter any of the following:

  • The name of an established business entity, e.g., your corporation's name or LLC's name
  • Your name if you do not have a separate entity and operate by yourself
  • Your partnership name if you you do not have a separate entity and operate with others.

See Selling with Stripe® without a separate business entity for more details or contact Stripe® Support for help.

No, you work for your business or yourself. SoundBooth provides an application you use to earn more for your business or yourself.
Earnings on SoundBooth are no different than other earnings. Please consult a qualified accountant to review which taxes are applicable to your earnings.

Buying Service

After you order a service, your purchase page will have a link to your new project page. On the project page, you'll upload a reference mix, a zip file of your session and audio files. You'll also tell the seller the details of what you want.

In the buying dashboard on the sidebar menu, click services and select the service category you want.

On the category page, click the service you want.

The displayed sellers provide your service. Use the speaker button next to the service to hear their audio sample of that work. Use the pricing button to display that seller's order form.

Fill out the seller's order form to see the price. Click add to cart and checkout to buy the service.

In your session, name all of your tracks and remove any unwanted tracks. Disable all plugins, then export the tracks individually of out the session into a new folder. Compress the folder to a zip file. This zip is the file you give to the seller.


You receive 3% when your referral buys a service, revision or a service subscription, including renewals, minus 25c to transfer your earnings to you. You withdraw the earnings on your earnings page.